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    Given the recent increase in cyber crimes, every prudent customer must ask this question before they volunteer information to a website. We want to address this issue upfront and give a voice to you our valued customer to share your feedback and continue to improve our services.

    We have been in business since 2011 and have delivered tens of thousands of orders. You should rest assured that we will not break your trust as we guarantee to deliver your order. Reply here and let us know where we can improve our services.

    Eyong N
    Senior Customer Service Representative


    I placed my order on Monday with no feedback. After reaching out three times finally got a response from Alex, which now feels like he was just giving me the run around. Saying this because Alex, told me my order will be shipped the next day and i would receive tracking info shortly thereafter. Long story short it’s 3 days later and i still haven’t received the tracking info. Reached out again just to be asked what’s my order number. Starting to feel like a scam.


    Hello @krysta-martin26,

    I can understand your concern. I have looked at your order and it was shipped and is to be delivered to you today or Monday. You should have received the tracking number in the email you provided with your order.



    I don’t understand your guys payment method. do I pay when I receive my product or before. Makes no since.


    I pay before I receive my product? Instructions state to process through zelle. Im a little skeptical


    Hello @pworthy18,

    Zelle is the fastest way to send in your payment and have your order sent out to you. Yes you make a payment before we ship out the product. You should rest assured that you will get your product as we have been in business for over 6 years.



    Thanks to our customer Azia Neche for putting this video to help explain the payment process.


    They are a scam I never received my order I’ve wrote them 4 times only got a response ONCE .. they never answer phone calls nor do they reply to emails .. I’ve dealt with Alex as well plz don’t spend your money with them they’re a scam.


    Waiting on my package for two weeks 117868



    You have not yet paid for your order. Please follow the instructions to send your payment. Once payment is received you shall receive your product in 4 business days.


    Order #118468
    Please Someone Help me get my Package Please!
    I live in Wilmington DE and you guys sent me a tracking number for an order in Georgia.!! I just Want my Apetamin. Or I’ll have to Issue an investigation for the site.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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