Apetamin and Leaks

Apetamin is a “This Side Up” product and occasionally we encounter leaks since it has to go through a third party for which we have little control. What we have noticed is that for some batches of the syrup the manufacturer does not tighten the caps properly. The cap is sealed but the because it is not screwed to the end some syrup may leak out during transit. You can see this from some sample pictures below.

From the manufacturer to our warehouse the delivery is such that the boxes are always right-side-up. However, when we mail it to through the post office or UPS we no longer have a way of guaranteeing that it is handled properly.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to our customers’ utmost satisfaction. When your order gets to you damaged, please take some pictures and email to us at info@transmawfoods.com. If we review the pictures and see that you have lost a lot of your product, we shall take some steps to rectify the problem. Generally we will offer a $2 coupon off your next order with us. Note that if you have lost about a spoon worth we may not be able to offer an incentive.

Pictures of Leakages


What We are Doing

We have reached out to the manufacturer about this issue but they have been slow to come up with a solution. Your pictures will help us a long way to pressure them to address this issue. While we are at it, we are also trying to get them to change from using glass since they occasionally shatter in transit.  

Thanks for understanding.