Bundle and Save

Apetamin Syrup and Tablets Bundle

We continue to listen to your requests and we hear our customers who like to shop for the syrup and the pills together. Today, we are proud to present our newest deal yet!

Bundle and save up to 8% on top of our already lowest prices when you combine Apetamin Vitamin Syrup and the Apetamin Tablets. We have these bundles:

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10 thoughts on “Bundle and Save

  1. Darn says:

    This how been my go to source for a while … despite being able to get this almost anywhere in The NY area…. I’m waiting on their restock as well because their quality is way better ….

    N Yes, the pills aren’t “just as good” as the syrup. . . Are they effective? Yes …. Gotta get creative sometimes smash them things up put em in a drink or a smoothie make ya own syrup or paste it’s possible …..

    Happy gains everyone!

  2. Joshua says:

    Can you please make your mode of payments easier? I have been trying to pay for 2 years now and all the time I get demoralized because of the mode of payment.

  3. Stephanie says:

    When will you all get the apetamin syrup bottles in stock? I have been ordering from you all for years and you all are the only company I trust.

  4. Jocelyn snodey says:

    Ok thank you and sorry this is my first time using this website . So For apple pay how what would be the steps to sending it through apple pay ? I read the instructions but not to sure for the steps on apple pay .

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