Pre-Covid Prices are Back!

Pre-Covid Prices Are Back

At this point, most of us have been vaccinated. The year 2020 kept us indoors and we are ready to go back to normal. We have started planning our vacations and we are ready to make up for last year. As we stayed indoors, prices of some of our much needed commodities skyrocketed because of the disruption in the supply chain.

The good news is that things are returning back to normal, and pre-covid prices are now back for your weight gain products. Start shopping now and prepare for the beach body, or to look good at that wedding that was postponed until now.

As always, stay safe, and stay blessed.

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15 thoughts on “Pre-Covid Prices are Back!

  1. kasinabee says:

    I love that they are professional and attentive. I’ve ordered from them in the past and been a customer since 2018 and my results were amazing and I will always keep me a few bottles stored away for emergencies. I always get tracking information and my package comes without leaks, and always tightly wrapped and protected. I don’t know what the slim chicks would do without this super syrup and I highly recommend it!! I will proudly say Apetamin has the championship belt and the belt fits!!! Continuing customer!!!

  2. jocelyns1999 says:

    Hi so is Apple Pay a option ? I’m trying to order it but I don’t know what information to put in for Apple Pay if it is?

  3. Robbie Fields says:

    I absolutely love dealing with Transma. They make sure you get your order as fast as possible. I made a mistake once with my order and Transma fixed it with in a day and everything went smooth. Thank you Transma!

  4. Sheree Thomas says:

    I want to say I have been dealing with Transmaw for a few years now and I luv luv luv them. I’ve been to other sites that are not as attentive nor swift as Transmaw Foods. I wish I knew how to dropship which would make my life a lil less complicated and cut out pickups and deliveries. But overall this is a great business ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Eyong says:

      Once we receive your money order we will process the order and you shall receive an email. However, feel free to call our customer service at 703-679-8837

  5. Irene Flandre says:

    It is my first time order
    I just received my order .and I just wanted to say that I am very happy and impressed with came in 3 a matter of fact. My bottles were wrapped very tightly and well protected. I will surely order more and recommend it to anyone who are still doubting transmaw.its very legit and very professional. I’m a very happy customer…
    Great job! Transmaw!


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