How Transmaw Food Services is Responding to the Coronavirus

In the wake of the Coronavirus, our highest priority is to do our part to help ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers while meeting our service commitments.

Below are the things that we are doing to help our community stay safe. Note that these are subject to change as we receive more guidelines from the CDC and other community leaders.

Storefront open for limited service

  • Our store is now open for purchase daily, M-Th: 10am – 3pm, F: 10am – 6pm. You do not need to pre-purchase online.
  • Wear your mask(😷) and other protective equipment. We will not serve you unless you are protected.
  • Unless you absolutely have to come to the store, stay at home and order online.
  • We will be available by phone M-Th 10am – 3pm, F: 10am – 6pm
    Tel: 703-679-8837
  • We will continue to ship online orders for Apetamin, GML Apeti tablets, and Tres Orix Forte. We will continue monitoring and may open sooner if things improve.
  • Email inquiries are the best way to reach us. We shall respond to your emails within 24 hours.


Though our preferred method of payments are money orders and bank deposits, these require you to leave your house. (If you must use a money order, do not send it with signature required). During this period we are actively searching for other ways through which you can send your payment electronically. We will be updating them as we find new methods. As of today, here are a few that we support:

  • Direct bank transfers (if you bank with Bank of America or Wells Fargo).
  • Bank transfer to our account (if your bank supports transferring into someone’s account)
  • Zelle (limited)
  • Apple Pay (limited – ask us)
  • Google Pay (No longer available)

If you must use a money order, mail it to the following address:
Transmaw Food Services
5623 Allentown Rd Ste 201
Suitland, MD 20746

See more on our payments page.

Stay Home, Practice Social Distancing, Stay Safe

We value each and everyone of you as our customer. It is our utmost priority for you to be safe. Note that although this period is tough for you as a customer, for us as a company, and for us as a nation, safety is our number one priority. We urge you all to stay at home unless you have a necessary reason to be out.

If you must go out, practice social distancing. Follow guidelines posted by the CDC, the Whitehouse and your local government.

This period will be over soon, and we shall be back fully operational to meet your weight gain needs. If you keep yourself safe, we shall all be here when this is over to support each other on our weight gain journeys. However, if you fail to take precautionary measures, either we or our loved ones will suffer!

For those who can’t wait until we reopen our stores, place your orders online. We shall deliver them within 4 business days.

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