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Dropshipping at Transmaw Food Services

We are excited to share that we have launched a portal through which you can place orders to for dropshipping. This means that placing your order through this portal will guarantee that we do not include any company identifying information. 

Dropshipping FAQs | Dropshipping Policy

What is dropshipping?

If you are looking to start a weight gain business selling Apetamin and GML Apeti pills but do not want to deal with the complications of acquiring and managing your inventory, dropshipping is for you. Let us do that hard work of managing your inventory and shipping to your customers. We guarantee that we shall deliver orders in about 4 business days anywhere in the US.

Your business details will be private as we shall not include any pricing or company identifying information when we ship your order. See a sample packing slip and a sample shipping label.

How will Payment Work?

Payment for these orders will be through any of the methods that we support at here at Transmaw Food Services. Once you make a payment simply send us an email to info@transmawfoods.com with the order number, just like you do today.

Also, you don’t have to pay for each individual order. You can batch all of your orders and send us a single payment for the orders.

Get more answers from our FAQ and visit bekvama.com to start your dropship adventure. Also, read our Dropshipping policy to formulate a policy that will set reasonable expectations for your customers. For more information or questions, send email to info@transmawfoods.com.

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27 thoughts on “Dropshipping Portal

  1. Val says:

    With dropshipping, will I be simply adding in my fee to your price? Is that how I’ll be making money? Hope that’s not a dumb question, but have never done it before.

    • Eyong says:

      Yes that is what you do. So basically you sell it to your customers at a higher price than you get from us, we ship to them and for each sale your profit is the difference in price that you charge your customers.

      • Andrea TFS says:

        Pleasant day to you too! Our limit is 10 packs by order so you will need to place 2 different orders to reach that amount!

  2. shetho21 says:

    I must say this company is great to work with! Not only do you have reasonable pricing but the delivery time frame is not bad either. I started taking Apetamin since and within two years I’ve gained over lbs. And because it worked better than any other product, I’ve decided to also sell the product and give other some great pointers. Thanks Transmaw!

  3. Ibukun Mayungbe says:

    I just ordered and I must say you guys are running a nice business. All bad reviews seem to be from impatient buyers! I’m excited!

    • Eyong says:

      Hello Jessica, you do not need to make any advance payment to start drop shipping. Simply place a drop ship order and pay for that order. We shall ship to your customer.

  4. whittley price says:

    I am looking to dropship and also purchase at wholesale price. When dropshipping are the pills in the original package?

    • Eyong says:

      Hello Mykia,
      Yes you will receive the tracking numbers in your email. They will also be available as notes in the orders.

  5. Monica-babe says:

    Hi, I’m a new customer and I really enjoy browsing through your site I would really like to purchase two apetamin syrups and I’m from Australia Melbourne and I don’t know how I can get my hands on the vitamins. Please let me, thanks.

  6. Deandra Lyons says:

    I ordered the product on Sunday night received it on Wednesday I’m one satisfied customer and will continue to do business with this company

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