Tips for gaining weight by Jay Velazquez

Our customer @jayvelazquezfit sharing tips on gaining weight. Follow her on Instagram. She also has an affordable WEIGHT GAIN MEAL PLAN AND LEG/GLUTE GUIDE that will definitely benefit you on your journey. Find out about that on her instagram page. Read on and get inspired.


EAT! You have to eat in order to grow. You should be eating every 2-3 hours. If you have a busy schedule, PACK SNACKS.

HAVE YOUR MEALS READY. Set an alarm for each meal on your phone.

APETAMIN. If you feel that you don’t have a appetite, try apetamin. Apetamin is not a weight gainer. You will not gain weight just by drinking it. It is an appetite increaser. I used it for about 2 weeks and never needed to again. It increased my appetite in such a short time.

LITTLE TO NO CARDIO. If you want to do a quick 10 minutes of cardio to warm your muscles up, that’s fine but don’t overdo it.

WEIGHT LIFTING. Ladies, don’t be afraid to get in the gym and hit those weights! I try to increase weight each week, remembering that correct form is important!

CONSISTENCY! Results don’t happen overnight. Don’t get discouraged after three weeks. It’s gonna take time and your hard work.

DISCIPLINE. Forget motivation. We are not always motivated, but if we continue to discipline ourselves and stick to the routine, progression will show! This goes for anything.

Do not compare yourself or your progress to anyone else. Everyone’s body is different. Some may gain weight quicker than you, and some slower. Focus on yourself. 🍑


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