Five months on GML Apeti Tablets

Our valued customer @saikabince showing off how GML Apeti Tablets helped her gain weight. Read her instagram post here.

Excerpt from Instagram post.

First of all, don’t sleep. My highlight was poppin & I still thought i was caking 😂 anyways. I stepped on a scale the day before my birthday and sis was 96 pounds. So for all the “98 pounds soaking wet” jokes i got, please know I was dying on the inside. I’ve honestly never weighed more that 102 pounds my entire life. Thankfully- my height didn’t show how bad it was. But turning 26 and failing to activate a figure that would make me feel like a woman … blah. Anyone who knows me personally knows I always cringed at being called sexy “😳 no I’m not!” Well bihhh YES I AM 😂 Im happy, I’m healthy, & I’m showing off! Btw I’m transforming my YouTube channel to a lifestyle blog. So yes, you’ll get Music, you’ll get Art. You’ll get Emotional rants fueled by Red Wine & you’ll get my cooking. Some poppin ass brow tutorials as well. I’m not one thing. I’m everything and I know now that that’s OK! PS! #apetamin did not work for me! But if you’re looking for a super affordable and easy alternative check out the #gmlapeti tablets from @transmawfoods. i took these on and off for two weeks in February and it’s completely increased my appetite in general! On busy work weeks i take 2 pills a day so my body triggers that reminder to keep it fueled. So yes, I eat EVERYTHING In sight & go to the gym after

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  1. teeshiasims2 says:

    Mrs. Eyong
    Do you have any apetamin syrup available
    I had put in a order for two bottles have my money order

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