Money Order & Money Transfer Payments

👉 Once again our payment methods have changed. Click here to answer these Yes/No questions to determine the payment method that works best for you. 👈

Unfortunately we are not accepting credit and debit cards. To shop with us, add items to your shopping cart and select the money transfer option. We have come up with the following payment options for your convenience.

Please transfer the exact amount for your order. We do not give change.

Supported Payment Options (Expand each section for details)

Payment Options


Over the years we have looked for ways to provide you with various methods for you to send your payment electronically. Unfortunately most of these payment methods do not support our business model. To provide you with the best customer service that we can, we continue to search for other alternatives through which you can send your payment online. As of now, we do not support these options:

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Cash App
  • Google Pay
  • Chime
  • Venmo
  • Popmoney
  • Checks (Personal or BillPay)
  • International Wire Transfer (Unless you add $15 to the total to cover our charges)

Send in payment for your order using a money order. It will take about 3 to 4 days for us to receive your money order, and another 3 to 4 days for your order to get to you. This is our preferred payment option. We have had issues with all of the different electronic options that we have tried.

Ensure that you have placed your order online first so that you can get an order number and an order total. Make your money order payable and mail it to:

Transmaw Food Services
5623 Allentown Rd Ste 201
Suitland, MD 20746

Write your order number on the front of the money order before mailing it.

Keep your receipt!

Occasionally your mail with the money order can get lost. Keep the stub of the money order so that in case it is lost you can always go back to the store and ask for a refund.

Do not send certified or signature required mails!

Certified mails require a signature to pick up your order. If we are not at the office when the mail is dropped we will be required to go to the post office to pick up your money order. We can’t guarantee when we shall do that. Certified mails are also expensive, so save the money and save time because it delays your package if we have to go to the post office.

Where to get money a order

You can get a money order from the following places:

  • A post office
  • A check cashing place
  • A grocery store


If you have access to one of our banks listed below, you can deposit your payment directly into our account using our bank information also listed below. 

If you make a bank deposit please write your order number on the deposit receipt and send a picture of the receipt to Our banking details are:

  • Chase Bank
    • Use our name and address. The teller will deposit the funds in our account. 
    • Name: Transmaw Food Services
    • Address on file: 4900 Bayberry Ct, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
    • Opened in Virginia
  • Bank of America:
    • Name: Transmaw Food Services
    • Account #: 446032107852
    • Routing #: 052001633
    • Opened in Maryland

If you bank with Bank of America, you can use our account number to do a Bank-to-Bank transfer. This transfer is immediate. Once we receive your payment confirmation we shall process your order and you will receive it within 4 business days.

Note that you will have to use your computer or tablet to add us as a recipient. Adding a recipient doesn’t work on the Mobile App. However once we have been added you can pay for your subsequent orders directly from the mobile app.

  1. Log into your account on the Bank of America website
  2. On the “Transfer | Zelle” menu option, follow either Step 1 (shortcut) or Step 2 (longer method)
    1. Put your mouse on “Transfer | Zelle”, the select the option to “Using Someone’s Account Number”, then click “At Bank of America”, then continue with the steps.
    2. If the above doesn’t work, click on “Transfer | Zelle”
      1. Click on “To someone else or a business”
      2. Click on “In the U. S.”
      3. Click on “Using an account number”
      4. Click on “To Bank of America”
  3. Click on “Add/Manage Bank of America Recipients”
  4. Click on “Add a new Bank of America account recipient”
  5. On the form that opens open:
    1. Choose “Business”
    2. Name: Transmaw Food Services
    3. Account #: 446032107852
  6. Enter your bank card details to verify your identity, then click continue
  7. Once we are added as a recipient, Click on “Make a Transfer” and then send us your payment. For your subsequent orders all you need to do is the make a transfer since we would have already been added.

Take a screenshot of the transfer confirmation and email it to us at


If you bank with a different bank, they may provide options where you send money to someone using their email address or their banking details.

Send to email address:

  • Send the payment our email address
  • If you are given a secret code to give us, email it to together with a screenshot of the transfer confirmation.
  • It usually takes 2 to 3 business days for your payment to be deposited into our account once we accept the payment. We will process your order once we confirm the deposit.

Send to our bank account directly:

If your bank/credit union supports this option, it is best to send your payment into our Bank of America account. The details are:

  • Name: Transmaw Food Services
  • Account #: 446032107852
  • Routing #: 052001633
  • Email:
  • Take a screenshot of the transfer confirmation and email it to us at
  • It usually takes 2 to 3 business days for your payment to be deposited into our account. We will process your order once we confirm the deposit.

We do not encourage wire transfers, but if you must, when sending your wire transfer you should also include the $15 fee that our bank charges us for the incoming wire. Include this fee in the amount you are sending. Do not choose the option to pay for the receiver because some banks don’t respect it. 

For example, if your order total is $87.96 for 4 bottles, send us $102.96 as your wire transfer. If you don’t include the $15 we shall only ship out 3 bottles.

Below are the wire transfer details

  • Bank: Bank of America
  • SWIFT code: BOFAUS3N
  • Bank Address:
    Bank of America, NA
    222 Broadway
    New York, New York 10038
  • Name: Transmaw Food Services
  • Account Number: 446032107852
  • Address: 
    5623 Allentown Rd Ste 201
    Suitland, MD 20746


We are currently having issues with some of our Zelle accounts. If you must use Zelle, see the list below for those that work. Consider sending us a money order or doing a bank deposit as Zelle may not be available in the future.

These are some generic instructions on how to send your payment with Zelle, as each bank has slightly different steps:

  • If you see a “mailto” in front of the copied address, remove the mailto. e.g “” should be “
  • If required enter first name “Transmaw” and last name “Foods”
  • Select the amount you want to send, i.e., the total amount from your order.
  • Where it says “Memo”, or “Note”, or “Message”, or “Reason”, enter your order number
  • Click to send payment.
  • If it complains that there is an invalid character, tap our name in blue and remove the comma(,) between our name and “LLC”. This should fix the issue.
  • Take a screenshot
    • If your bank’s app prevents you from taking a screenshot, go to your email or text message and take a screenshot of that confirmation message.
  • Email the screenshot to
  • We will process your order once we confirm the payment.