Money Order & Money Transfer Payments

Thank you for shopping at Transmaw Food Services.

Due to increased use of stolen cards on our site and circumstances beyond our control we are unable to accept card payments at this time. We are diligently working with our bank to provide a solution that will protect our customers. Once that is done we shall be accepting cards again.

In order to shop with us, add items to your shopping cart and select the money transfer option. We have come up with the following payment options for your convenience:

  1. Online Money Transfers: (Zelle, Bank Transfer Online). Watch this video for a good idea on the process.
  2. Bank deposit: Wells Fargo, Bank of America, BB&T.
  3. Money Order – We ship your order only after receiving your money order in the mail. For faster service, use other methods.
  4. No checks! Unfortunately due to too many bounced checks, we no longer accept personal checks. All personal checks shall be returned.
  5. No Wire Transfers! Our bank charges us $15 for wire transfers. If you insist to use that, please also pay for the fee otherwise we shall subtract it from the order.

Fees: In order to give you guidance on the best option, we have included approximately how much each of these options will cost you. These are not fees that we charge but fees that the various third party institutions charge. For example, making a money order can cost you $0.99 at the post office.


> Which payment method works best for you <

The diagram below gives an overview of the various payment options and how to pick the right one for you. To navigate the options in detail, click here and answer simple Yes/No questions until you narrow down the best payment method for you. Clicking on the diagram also takes you to the questions.

Money Orders

Make money orders payable to:
(Please note that we have moved and this is a new address!)

Transmaw Food Services
4900 Bayberry Ct,
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Also write your order number on the front of the money order.

Fee: Cost of money order, plus postage, plus time to make and post the money order. We do not recommend sending the payment by overnight express since this will cost you too much and we will still ship your order via priority mail (2 – 3 business days) regardless.


Online Money Transfer

If you make a transfer using any of the online methods listed, please email us at with your order number and screenshot so we can confirm. The video in this link explains it better.

  • Zelle Online Transfer
    • Zelle is a service supported by most banks to send money to an email address. It is likely that your bank is supported.
    • Use any of these email addresses: or
    • Copy and paste the email address above so you do not miss the “s” at the end of transmawfoods. If you miss the “s” your payment shall go to another fake/scam account.
    • Fee: Free ($0.00)
  • Bank of America Online (using app or website):
    • Name: Transmaw Food Services
    • Email: Copy and paste so you do not miss the “s” and the end of transmawfoods.
    • Fee: Free ($0.00)
  • Bill Pay Through Your Bank.
    • We do not recommend this option as your bank is going to mail out a check to us. We only process your order once we receive the check. If you prefer this option:
    • Name: Transmaw Food Services
    • Address: See above.
    • Fee: Free ($0.00)

Bank deposits

If you make a bank deposit, please email us at with your order number and the transaction id and time so we can confirm. It is easier to send a picture of the deposit slip.

  • Wells Fargo Bank:
    • Name: Transmaw Food Services
    • Account #: 7572377898
    • Opened in North Carolina
    • Fee: Free ($0.00) plus time to go to the bank.
  • BB&T Bank:
    • Name: Transmaw Food Services
    • Account #: 0005251161226
    • Routing #: 055003308
    • Opened in Maryland
    • Fee: Free ($0.00) plus time to go to the bank.
  • Bank of America:
    • Name: Transmaw Food Services
    • Account #: 446032107852
    • Routing #: 052001633
    • Email: Copy and paste the email address so you do not miss the “s” at the end of
    • Opened in Maryland
    • Fee: Free ($0.00) plus time to go to the bank.

We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

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